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Survival courses, Seminars, Incentive, Team-Bulding for companies and groups


Barbar offers and organizes internships and activities for companies, event companies, business tourism agencies and works councils.

The expertise is identical: feeding on nature, orienting yourself, making a fire, setting up your shelter, living in the forest, the organization adapts to your needs.

What matters to organize your seminar or your team building:

  • Group size: from 5 to 600 people

  • The places: in France and abroad. With preferred areas in Île de France, around Bordeaux, Toulouse, Aix-en-Provence, Lyon…

  • Rates: from € 60 per person per person, for larger volumes

  • The durations: from one afternoon, with formats studied over 1 day, 2 days, 3 days and +

  • Activities: lighting a fire, filtering water, recognizing edible plants and animals, making shelter, orienting oneself in the forest. All in the form of a workshop or in a group

  • Comfort: from Bear Grills to 4 stars via Robinson Crusoe, Les Castor Junior, the Nepalese trek. You choose, overnight under the stars, branch shelter, bivouac, tent, igloo, hotel…

  • Confidence: references, insurance, experience, high standards.

Survival internships for corporate seminars and groups work together to determine the mood and commitment that best suit you.

Depending on your needs, the cursor can go from nature hiking to Kho-Lanta, passing through Bear Grills and Robinson Crusoe.

On request, we offer a wide range of activities and prices, whether you are a company, a business tourism agency or seminars.

Contact us to build together the program that suits you.

ARNAUD RAYMOND - 06 22 63 47 84

Team building survie en île de France

Nous organisations votre team-building survie, au départ de Paris vers les destinations suivantes : Île de France, Meudon, Saint-Germaine en Laye, Yvelines, Essone, Pari, Seine-et-Marne, Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Normandie, Picardie, Sologne, Rouen, Orléans, Cergy Pontoise, Versailles, Créteil, Melun, Meudon, Fontainebleau, Chantilly, Senlis, Vernon, Giverny...

Team-building survie île de France
Séminaire équipe survie île de France
Event entreprise survie île de France

This page concerns seminars, team-building, incentive in forest survival, adventure

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