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Survival courses


Discover all of our forest survival courses, all over France and around the world.


From the 2-day course, over a weekend, to the week-long survival course in Thailand, you will inevitably find the course you need to learn to manage in the great outdoors.


Our forest survival courses teach you the basics and allow you to improve your skills to deal with all situations.

The group forest survival courses are for those who want to organize a bachelor party that has meaning and allows you to forge unforgettable memories.


We adapt to the constraints of confinement, create a group of 9 maximum with your friends and we offer you an internship accessible within 100km from your home.

The survival courses organized with a lot of pedagogy and in an adapted environment are an excellent vector of cohesion and exchange for employees.


Our supervisors also exercise more traditional professions: banker, entrepreneur, salesperson, firefighter, manager, and know the business world.


On request, a qualified coach participates in the course for real added value.

Specialist in Survival and Tailor-made Adventures

for Groups and Individuals



Vous êtes un groupe et vous voulez vivre un stage de survie sur mesure. Nous nous occupons de vous partout en France pour une après-midi, 1 jour, 2 jours ou plus.

Sur une modèle de stage de survie en forêt classique ou un modèle plus adapté à vos besoins, igloo, traversée à ski, 2 nuits de bivouac, avec matériel, sans matériel, découvrez et repoussez vos limites.


Forest survival camps


Forest survival camps
Survival course - Provence
Survival course - Jura
Survival course - Périgord

Survival course - Normandy

Survival course - Ile de France

Survival course - Burgundy

Survival course - weekend - Belgium


Extreme Cold Survival Courses in Igloo

Survival course - Extreme Cold - Jura



Special survival courses


Long survival courses

Survival course - 4 days - Périgord


Special survival courses

"Bite & Couteau", facing nature


Bachelor party   and young girl

All you need to know for a surviving EVG or EVJF



They share the adventure

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Moniteurs brevets et diplômes d'état

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Terrains privés partout en France

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Licence de voyage

They share the adventure

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"Adventure and nature as a metaphor for life and business"

Our goal is to make you discover, learn and understand. With new content and pedagogy.

The playing field is provided by nature, the pedagogy is that of action, of the real, of the concrete, and of living alongside expert supervision.

Doing an activity or an event with Barbar means accepting to go through all stages of life in a few hours or a few days. When time is shorter, things are stronger, more powerful.

Having your shoelaces untied in the snow becomes as hard as losing a big contract.

The interest of this adventure and survival format is also that of simplicity. Unlike possession it will be creation. No budget, no equipment, no time. Just things that come from you, with an expert to teach you to be "useful", to use yourself, to discover yourself, starting from a simple situation: walking in nature.

All together, we will seek to do, to produce, to become, by measuring. Reaching a summit, taking risks, not being sufficiently prepared, will no longer be metaphors. Sanctions are no longer information but physical sensations.

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